Establish the value of your equipment and
safeguard the value of your business.

Is your business equipment secure?

Your tools and equipment are your business. Without an up-to-date tool and equipment appraisal of your shop, your business is at risk. Considerations such as depreciation and insurance can affect your ability to conduct “business-as-usual” after an unexpected loss or damage.

If you suffered a loss due to theft, fire or accident, would you be able to produce accurate records to ensure full recovery of your tools? Take the following quick assessment to see if you have avoided the most common mistakes…

Companies with an appraisal can receive their claim payout 80% faster than companies without.
Only 4% of tradespeople report that they know the exact value of their tools and equipment.
Tool Inventory & Appraisal System Inc. will safeguard all of your tools & equipment – not just the ones you remember. Your TIAS appraisal can be customized for your needs including:

Fair Market Value, New Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value. These reports are invaluable for Insurance, Financing, Replacement Planning. Shop insurance should always start with an accurate tool appraisal and/or equipment appraisal.


Individual Repair
Technicians and Mechanics

Often invests a considerable amount in tools and equipment and will be least able to recover should the tools be lost or damaged.


Automotive and Mechanical
Repair Shops

May have a variety of more sophisticated equipment owned by a mixture of staff as well as by the shop.


Automotive Dealerships

Own a variety of up to date technology as well as multiple tool sets.


Truck Dealerships and
Service Centers

May carry specialized equipment that is difficult to replace and often times any loss will have a significant impact on the business.


Industrial Contractors

May have a variety of specialized tools to maintain and repair large equipment.


Auto Body Shops

Auto Body Shops have a need to maintain a unique set of tools.

What our clients have to say

“To keep on top of technology the need to update equipment is a must, I was totally amazed when Tony gave me my final total. Not only was I under insured, it strengthened my belief in charging $125.00 hr for Diagnostics! My commitment to stay in the game was there in writing. I strongly recommend Tool Inventory & Appraisal Systems for any progressive shop owner.”

Bruce Eccles, Eccles Auto Service 
2001 SSGM garage of the year

“Tool Inventory & Appraisal System Inc. has supplied me with a very valuable service. You see in 1992, my shop was robbed. I am still fighting with that insurance company over my claim. After I changed insurance providers, they wanted an itemized list of my tools & equipment. I gave them my CD provided by TIAS and they were ecstatic. That is all they needed, they loved it. I have TIAS come in approximately every other year to update it and pass it on to my insurance provider, now there is no argument as to what I have. It is that simple.”

Ed Jagt, Pro-Tech Tire & Auto – Barrie, ON
SSGM Garage Of The Year 2004

“Recently, Curtis Insurance (AARO’s Garage Choice Program) introduced us to Tony Auchincloss, owner of Tool Inventory and Appraisal Systems. We soon discovered that Tony ensures a garage owners tools & equipment are accurately inventoried, appraised and valued due to his knowledge and professionalism which is second to none. Participating members who face an unfortunate and catastrophic loss have the peace of mind of knowing that, thanks to Tony, the replacement of their equipment and tools will likely be handled quickly and efficiently by their insurance company. We therefore enthusiastically advise all of our members to consider the Tool Inventory and Appraisal System for their businesses.”

Luanne Fedosoff, AARO

“Lombard Canada Ltd. would like to draw your attention to the potential benefits of valuation services offered by Tool Inventory & Appraisal System Inc. (TIAS).

These services may be of value to businesses in the automotive repair industry in providing a current and complete inventory of tools and equipment, as well as the dollar value and condition of tools. These services can help ensure that repair shops are adequately covered with proper insurance, on their equipment and can ease the claims settlement process.

Lombard Canada encourages its auto repair shop clients to investigate the advantage of these services.”

Dean Morrissey, Lombard Canada Ltd.

My name is Gus Hargrove. I am the co-owner, along with my wife Sandra, of Canadian Organic Maple Co Ltd. Canadian Organic Maple Co Ltd is one of the largest certified organic maple farms in the world. It consists of the main sugarhouse where the maple sap is processed into maple syrup, maple sugar as well as app 128,000 individual taps in the maple trees. These taps are connected to each other and to the sugarhouse with a network of tubing from 5/16 to 3 inches in diameter. There is app 15,000 km of pipes spread out over 700 hectares of forest.

On July 5, 2012 post tropical storm Arthur devastated Canadian Organic Maple. Nearly 40,000 taps were destroyed when the post tropical storm ripped through. Trees were uprooted and or broken off everywhere. All roads and trails were blocked. Without insurance the future of the business was in serious trouble. Fortunately we did carry insurance for some of the loss but it was very difficult to assess the actual damage. Also we had little or no experience with insurance claims so the process was intimidating and stressful.

When our insurers informed us that a specialty appraiser from the Toronto area would be brought in to assess the loss we were concerned. However during the appraisal process, it became obvious that Tool Inventory and Appraisal Systems is the expert in this field. TIAS was thorough, professional, fair minded and treated us with courtesy throughout the process. In the end the loss was manageable and Canadian Organic Maple Co Ltd is still operating as a viable business in rural New Brunswick. I hope we never have another loss like that. We would like to thank Tony Auchincloss and the team at TIAS for their courteous nature and understanding.

Gus Hargrove, Sandra Hargrove, Canadian Organic Maple Co Ltd.