About Us

We capture the value and protect your investment

What you have just read is not just a slogan – it’s our mission statement!

Tool Inventory and Appraisal System (TIAS), has been developed to respond to a specific need in the mechanical and industrial repair industry.

With over 1.2 million plus active and updating part numbers for tools and equipment, Tool Inventory and Appraisal System Inc. (TIAS) is the trusted resource of companies nation-wide.

As the nature of repairs becomes more complex… so to has the need for more sophisticated tools. Mechanics, repair technicians, commercial and industrial tradespeople have all invested a significant amount of money, often over a number of years, to allow them to keep pace with technological advancements in their industries. In many instances, the individual has not maintained an accurate inventory of their many tools.

While the value of tools is a crucial concern to repair technicians, the effectiveness or safety factor, when using these tools is equally important. Tools experience significant wear and tear in a repair environment and gradually, over time; their safe use is affected.

After a loss, Tony works directly with clients, walking them virtually and physically through their shop and/or service vehicles to rebuild the entire list piece by piece. His knowledge allows him to extrapolate from the client’s memory and shop layout as well as from job lists – not just relying on those invoices that come readily to hand.

Answering these questions is what Tool Inventory and Appraisal System is all about. For the first time in North America, TIAS has introduced a new service that provides you with:

  • An up-to-date inventory of all the tools in your shop
  • Estimates the value and condition of the tools
  • Recommends a replacement schedule for tools & equipment
  • Helps determine whether you are over or under insured

Protecting your investment is what it comes down to… repair technicians and shop owners have invested a significant amount of money into the tools of their trade and need to  be insured against theft, fire and any unforeseen circumstances! TIAS provides you with a comprehensive appraisal of all the tools in the shop which helps to determine if you are insured to value or under insured.