Case Studies

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Case Study - All Car Repairs

Mark at All Car Repairs runs a progressive auto repair business. He works on all makes of vehicles, so he must keep up to date with current training and equipment.

Mark was asked by his accountant and insurance company to print off an up to date copy of all his shop equipment for year end. Although Mark runs a progressive shop, he failed to keep an up to date record of all of his tools and equipment with their value.

After TIAS completed an appraisal for him in 2006, he discovered that he was over-insured by over $65,000 and that his accountant had not been depreciating his equipment accurately.

Case Study - Peter Black

Peter Black has been a license technician for 14 years. He considers himself to be a very good professional and someone who keeps up with the changing technologies.

He contacted his insurance broker about securing insurance for his tools. He was told in order to be covered he would require an accurate value on his tools.  When we asked how much he thought he owned he said “28k … I think”.

After contacting TIAS and completing an appraisal on his tools, it turns out Peter Black owns over 42k and now has adequate insurance on his tools.