How It Works

How does it work?

How Do We Protect Your Investment?

With an appraisal in place you can even approach your insurance company to reduce the costs of coverage! For the first time in North America , TIAS has introduced a new service that provides you with:

  • An up-to-date inventory of all the tools in your shop
  • An accurate assessment of all shop equipment and tools
  • Estimates the value and condition of the tools
  • Helps determine whether you are over or under insured

Evaluating the condition of tools requires a significant knowledge of …and background in …the tool and equipment industry. Tony Auchincloss, founder of the unique Tool Inventory and Appraisal System has over 20 years experience in the sale, refurbishment and evaluation of tools and equipment. His system was developed from practical experience gained as owner operator of an Authorized Distributor in the Tool Industry, Work & Material Planner for an aircraft manufacturer and a Parts Specialist with a large Automotive Dealership.

Practical knowledge of a broad range of tools and equipment has uniquely qualified Tony to develop a comprehensive process that combines new technology and practical experience in tool evaluation and appraisal.

Tool Inventory and Appraisal System also utilizes equipment specialists to evaluate sophisticated, application specific technological tools and equipment to ensure that the appraisal is effective and reliable.


Tool Inventory & Appraisal Process

  1. Site visit to determine the extent of the assessment – at this time we will select an appropriate time that has the least impact on Day-To-Day Business
  2. TIAS Visit:
    • Ensure that the customer has the tools/equipment in an organized state,
    • digital photography of tools & equipment – including serial numbers where feasible,
    • rate the condition of the tool in the inventory database
  3. Assign an appraised value to each tool-based on condition. The appraisal is based on current market value or replacement cost
  4. Prepare a comprehensive written and photographic printed record, electronic copy of photos & a written appraisal – plus we upload these records to the TIAS appraisal site.