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"To keep on top of technology the need to update equipment is a must, I was totally amazed when Tony gave me my final total. Not only was I underinsured it strengthened my belief in charging $125.00 hr  for Diagnostics! My commitment to stay in the game was there in writing. I strongly recommend Tool Inventory & Appraisal Systems for any progressive shop owner"
Bruce Eccles
Eccles Auto Service
2001 SSGM garage of the year

"Tool Inventory & Appraisal System Inc. with Tony Auchincloss has supplied me with a very valuble service. You see in 1992, my shop was robbed. I am still fighting with that insurance company over my claim, that is 15 years. After I changed insurance providers, they wanted an itemized list of my tools & equipment. I gave them Tony's disc & they were ecstatic, thats all they needed, they loved it.  I have Tony come in approximately every year to update it, & pass it on to my insurance provider, now there is no argument as to what I have. Its that simple. "
Ed Jagt
Pro-Tech Tire & Auto Barrie On
SSGM Garage Of The Year 2004


"Recently, Curtis Insurance (AARO’s Garage Choice Program) introduced us to Tony Auchincloss, owner of Tool Inventory and Appraisal Systems.

We soon discovered that when it comes to ensuring a garage owner's tools and equipment are appraised, accurately valued and inventoried, Tony’s knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Participating members who face an unfortunate and catastrophic loss have the peace of mind of knowing that, thanks to Tony, the replacement of their equipment and tools will likely be handled quickly and efficiently by their insurance company. We therefore enthusiastically advise all of our members to consider the Tool Inventory and Appraisal System for their businesses."

Luanne Fedosoff


Lombard Canada Ltd. would like to draw your attention to the potential benefits of
valuation services offered by Tool Inventory & Appraisal System Inc. (TIAS).  Please read on to see why.