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Is Your Business Equipment Secure?

Your tools and equipment are your business. Without an up-to-date tool and equipment appraisal of your shop, your business is at risk. Considerations such as depreciation and insurance can affect your ability to conduct "business-as-usual" after unexpected loss or damage.

If you suffered a loss due to theft or accident, would you be able to produce accurate records to ensure full recovery of your tools?
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Establish the value of your equipment.... safeguard the value of your business.


Forensic Tool and Equipment Appraisal after Catastrophic Fire
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Tool Inventory & Appraisal System Inc. will safeguard all of your tools & equipment - not just the ones you remember. Your TIAS tool and equipment appraisal/asset list will be customized for your needs including: Auction/Liquidation Value, Fair Market Value, and New Replacement Cost. These reports are invaluable for Insurance, Financing, Replacement Planning. Shop insurance should always start with an accurate tool appraisal or equipment appraisal.